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Ohio Foreign LLC Registration

Looking to expand your company into Ohio as an Ohio foreign LLC?

To get your Ohio foreign LLC certified, you’ll need to designate an Ohio registered agent (also referred to as a “statutory agent”) and submit the Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company form to the Ohio Secretary of State. Failing to do either of these can result in negative legal or financial consequences, so it’s important to have your filing completed before you start doing business the state.

Hire us to act as your Ohio registered agent for just $49 a year, and we’ll get your Ohio foreign LLC registration paperwork filed swiftly, affordably, and with zero hassle. Basically, we’ll take care of the logistics so you can focus on doing business.

Register Your Ohio Foreign LLC Today

For as little as $248 plus state fees, we can take care of the entire Ohio Foreign LLC registration process for you. We’ll serve as your registered agent, prepare your foreign LLC forms, and submit your application to the state on your behalf. All you have to do is make a few mouse clicks.

When You Hire Us, You Get:

  • 365 days of Ohio Registered Agent Service
  • Safe and secure online client account
  • Ohio Foreign LLC Registration
  • Address privacy with the use of our registered agent office address
  • Lifetime client support
  • Fair and transparent pricing
  • Access to additional business services
Service Fee
Ohio State Filing Fee $99 / $199 expedited
Our Foreign LLC Registration Service Fee $100
One Year Registered Agent Service $49
Certificate of Good Standing from your home state (Varies)
Total $248 + / 348 + expedited

Ohio Foreign LLC FAQs

What are the risks of doing business without Ohio foreign LLC certification?

Being properly registered before you start operating as an Ohio foreign LLC is crucial. Ohio updated its LLC Act in 2022, and lawmakers increased penalties for transacting business as an unregistered foreign LLC. Most notably, the state is now permitted to level fines.

Ohio state law (section 1706.515) explains the current consequences of conducting business in Ohio without registering as an Ohio foreign LLC:

  • Fines.  If found in violation of the law, your LLC could be sued by the Ohio Attorney General’s office and taken to court. The judge presiding over your case can determine and order a fine.
  • Inability to collect debts. Your LLC will be unable to pursue legal action against any person or entity that owes you money in the state of Ohio.
  • Limited legal capabilities. Your LLC cannot bring suits of any kind against others in Ohio, and the state will halt any proceedings you already have underway. However, your LLC can still defend against any proceedings if your business is sued by someone in Ohio.

What is “transacting business” in Ohio?

Similar to many other states, Ohio state law does not define “transacting business.” However, there are generally accepted guidelines for what is characterized as conducting business at the state level.

To be considered transacting business in Ohio, you must have some form of presence in the state:

  1. Physical: Warehouses, offices, or stores that your LLC uses to support its operations in Ohio.
  2. Employee: Sales representatives or other workers living in the state.
  3. Economic: A large volume of online purchases. The Ohio Department of Taxation states that online retailers with gross receipts exceeding $100,000 or with 200 or more separate transactions in Ohio must pay the state taxes.

What is not “transacting business” in Ohio?

Ohio state law (Section 1706.512) also defines certain activities that, on their own, do NOT qualify as transacting business in Ohio:

  • Holding member meetings or other activities relating to your LLC’s internal affairs
  • Maintaining bank accounts.
  • Having offices or agencies dedicated to managing your LLC’s own securities.
  • Owning real estate or property without utilizing it for business means.
  • Creating or acquiring debts or security interests in real or personal property.
  • Securing or collecting debts.
  • Selling through independent contractors.
  • Conducting interstate commerce.
  • Performing isolated transactions that are not repeated.
  • Soliciting or obtaining orders that require acceptance outside of the state before the orders can become contracts.
  • Maintaining, settling, or defending lawsuits.

Additionally, your LLC’s involvement with other business entities does NOT equate to transacting business in Ohio under the following circumstances:

  • Owning a controlling interest in an entity operating in Ohio.
  • Serving as a limited partner of a domestic or foreign limited partnership doing business in Ohio.
  • Serving as a member of a domestic or foreign LLC conducting business in the state.

Feel free to send us a message or call with any questions you have regarding Ohio foreign LLC qualifications and registration—we’re glad to help!