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Ohio Registered Agents

An Ohio registered agent is a person or legal entity designated to receive and accept legal documents, notifications, and letters at an office located in the state.

Ohio Registered Agent is a commercial, professional registered agent servicing business owners, both domestic and foreign. We act as your registered agent, reminding you of important filings, accepting SOP documents, and offering same day document scans. All for just $49 a year, every year. No upsells. No surprises.

Why Have a Registered Agent in Ohio?

The Ohio Revised Code (2020) requires all limited liability companies (§ 1706.09) and corporations (§ 1701.07) to have, at all times, a statutory or registered agent. If you’re looking to do business in Ohio, you’ll need an Ohio registered agent appointed before filing with the Ohio Secretary of State.

Failure to maintain a registered agent or notify the Ohio Secretary of State office of a change in your registered agent or their address will result in a cancellation of your business’s registration. But there are many more benefits to an Ohio registered agent beyond fulfilling legal requirements—especially if you hire a registered agent service like us.

Benefits of Hiring a Registered Agent

  • Convenience. Ohio Registered Agent has a public office we maintain in the state of Ohio for receiving all client mail. You can see that address at the top and bottom of the page. Your mail’s handled and processed by real people and scanned the same day for you to review—while you have the freedom to not be available during specific hours at a certain address.
  • Privacy. Ohio registered agents are the people who stand between your business and the state. A registered or statutory agent in Ohio can also list their registered office in place of your contact information. So, if you’re worried about having your home or business address listed, a registered agent covers you.

Our Ohio Registered Agent Service

A registered agent company like Ohio Registered Agent always has someone available to receive your legal notices and other business communications. Anyone who wants to send your business an official legal document can access our local Ohio address. You’ll notice it’s listed at the top and bottom of this site, along with our phone number.

With Ohio Registered Agent, you get:

  • Instant registered agent service
  • Access to our client document portal
  • Same-day document scans
  • Use of our North Canton address on business filings
  • No hidden charges
  • Customized registered agent service
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Annual report reminders
  • Ohio tax notifications

Choosing the right Ohio registered agent for your business is about knowing what you want and how you want to grow your business. Registered agents need to be available during regular business hours for any mail or service of process documents. Selecting an individual or yourself as the registered agent for your business knowing the individual has other obligations may leave them unavailable for these important processes.

Ohio Registered Agent always has someone available to receive your legal notices and other business communications. Anyone who wants to send your business an official legal document can access our Ohio address. It’s listed at the top and bottom of this site, along with our phone number. We accept service of process and scan your time-sensitive deliveries the same day.

You can rest knowing you’ll get any important mailings without missing a beat with Ohio Registered Agent.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Registered Agents

What’s an Ohio statutory agent?

An Ohio statutory agent is the same as a registered agent. They are the person or entity legally assigned to accept service of process and other documents for your business.

What can Ohio registered agents receive?

Legal documents, tax notifications, annual report forms, correspondence from the secretary of state, and other business notices.

How do I appoint a registered agent in Ohio?

In Ohio, you first appoint your registered agent on your formation or registration paperwork you file with the Ohio Secretary of State, which you can file online or by mail. Your agent also must consent to their appointment.

How do I change my registered agent in Ohio?

To change your business’s registered agent in Ohio, you need to file form 521 (Ohio’s Statutory Agent Update form), unless your business is an LLP. If your business is an LLP, you’ll need to file form 545 (Ohio’s Amendment of Partnership Statement.) Ohio’s registered agent change filing fee is $25.

How do I become an Ohio registered agent?

Be a registered business or a person over 18 with a street address in Ohio. This address will be publicly listed as the business’s contact information. The agent must be available at this adds during normal business hours to receive legal and business documents.

Why choose Ohio Registered Agent?

We offer same-day document scans. We assist you in filing the correct forms, paying the correct fees, and getting started doing business in Ohio with zero hurdles. Your data and information is protected at every level in the process. But more importantly, we never surprise you with add on fees and services.

How much does an Ohio registered agent cost?

You’re looking at paying anywhere from nothing (if you take on all the work of being your own agent yourself) to $300 or more a year for big-named national service. Ohio Registered Agent is $49. That’s a fixed price. It’ll never change.

What businesses in Ohio don’t need a registered agent?

If you’re forming or incorporating a bank, trust, insurance, or taxable public utility company, you do not need a registered or statutory agent in Ohio.

What is service of process in Ohio?

Service of process is the system of handling legal notices, in most cases, to a defendant or someone being sued. Service of process usually comes with other legal and court documents and are delivered by a process server to the registered agent. There is a limited amount of time between when legal notices are served and when you need to respond, which is why having a reliable and trusted registered agent like Ohio Registered Agent is important to the success of your business. Without a registered agent, any service of processes will be sent to the Ohio Secretary of State office.

Do I need an Ohio registered agent?

Most businesses need a registered agent to operate in good standing within Ohio. Not having a registered agent in Ohio leaves your business open to being revoked, dissolved, and losing its business entity protections.